Usually, but not always a horny European, Canadian or East Coast American high school, college or university student, who travels alone or with friends - but always without parents - by car, bus, plane, train or thumb to either Daytona Beach or Panama City Beach Florida. This is done in search of any combination of sun, sex, sand and alcohol, always during spring break aka reading week, which falls between the last two weeks of February (after the Daytona 500 / President's Day) and lasts until Easter, which also including the period known as BCR - "Black College Reunion".
My buddy is such a springbreaker. Last year, he got so completely hammered on Southern Comfort during spring break, that he woke up totally naked in a hotel linen closet with his girlfriend's best friend sucking on his dick! His best friend woke up to find that his roomies had shaved ALL the hair off of his body. That was some messed up spring break!
by Springbreaker August 4, 2006
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A thin jacket that blocks the wind during the Spring. Another word for windbreaker.
1: Jodie wore her springbreaker when she went to the park.
by Rib Tip December 18, 2007
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A portmanteau word combining the phrase "Spring Break" into one all encompassing word for the event. The event of Springbreak is usually celebrated during Easter break, around late March early April. It is most commonly celebrated by college students and inexperienced high school students, where groups of people get together (usually in places like Cabo, Southern California, Miami, etc.) drink, party, dance, rage, and collect a variety of unwanted STDs. Some consider "Springbreak" to be a right of passage.

"Get yer Springbreak Fix before it's over!"
by Little Bit Lizzy February 24, 2014
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While on Spring Break, While having fun on Spring Break, While doing something random on Spring Break
While I was Springbreaking, I met some fly shawties and got married in Las Vegas. Word
by Algebra 2 Buddies May 22, 2006
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