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A person who used to laugh at a joke about spoons and wendys so much that his/her acquaintances decided to call him/her spoonsy for probably the rest of his/her life. These people are also known as spoons, spooners, spounsy, or the occasional ralphie. This person may also enjoy computers and have an addiction to WoW Not to be confused with someone who is good in bed. (Although they may be)
Kid 1: hey spoonsy, how did you get your nickname
spoonsy: dude it's a long story that isn't even funny anymore
Kid 2: no really how did you get your nickname
spoonsy: well this one guy told me a joke on a 6th grade retreat about spoons and wendys and i thought it was SOOO funny that i laughed... nickname.. yeah.
Kid 1: thats not even funny
Kid 2: yeah fat ass
spoonsy: ????? 0.o
kid 1: im hungry
spoonsy: I am hunger
by Adam Swan February 11, 2008
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