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Everyone knows that their girl likes to spoon, meaning your crotch is pressed against her ass. Typically, this is an after-sex position, but sometimes you get your second wind faster than expected, and you start rubbing the cock against the pussy. Once hard, you stick it in her from behind, but in a laying-on-your-side position.
The bitch wasn't satisfied, so once I could get it up again I spoonfucked her while rubbing her clit until she had a crygasm.
by J-Reddish October 14, 2007
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Used to describe the sexual position "spoons." Distinct from spoons without intercourse.
Touch my clitie whilst you spoon-fuck me, Dave.
Ok, Annie.
by HarryTortoise November 06, 2007
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i think it means to be fucked with a spoon. or maybe to lay in the spooning position and engage in sex!
my girlfriend calls me spoonfuck all the time.
by S.M.S. January 15, 2006
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