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Do you know these situations when you’re just really bored and all you can think of doing is going into the kitchen searching for something tasty to at although you aren’t hungry at all?

These situations often cause people to do a spoon-lap. A spoon-lap is a quick round through the whole kitchen (or any other place you store food) where you just eat bits of various foods which don’t need preparation in a random order not paying attention to whether it is sweet, salty or sour or whatever flavour…

These situations mostly occur when you’re home alone or your TV-program is on commercial.

It’s called spoon-lap because most of the popular things you just grab or eat/drink out of their can/jar/bag/carton are consumed best with a spoon.

Popular spoon-lap foods: peanut butter yoghurts, Nutella, lasagne and other noodle-dishes, leftovers in general, granola, canned fruits, milk, pie, preserves and pickled stuff…

You of course don’t clean your spoon between dumping it in to different food stuff…
a Is Jake home?
b You gotta look for him upstairs - he’s about to complete his third spoon-lap

I just did a great spoon lap! I had a pickle, some of my favourite yoghurt, a bit of the macaroni-with-cheese-left-over from today’s lunch, some cereals and then I scoped out the freezer…man, I didn’t know that we had this delicious raspberry ice cream!!!
by lingualtreasure September 20, 2009
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