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when someone smacks something out of your hand. normally a lit cigarette. and then the person who hit it out of your hand may stomp the cigarette out.

when you spondoolie someone, that object now belong to you.
Person #1: "casually talking while smoking a cigarette"
Person #2: "comes up and smacks it out of there hand and yells spondoolie"
Everyone else: laughs at your expense
by stoneymagee February 04, 2010
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Spondoolie is the word you use when you can't think of the word that you need.
"Man i need a spondoolie" - when infact you mean "Man i need a Drink"
by Bob Mayson May 06, 2004
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In Northern Slang (Lancashire). A word used to express appreciation for something, be it an object, or an event.

Similar in context to "very good", or more colloquially, "beltin'".
Dan: "Trotters won against Huddersfield today"
Ernie: "Spondoolie!"
by Deej89 January 11, 2013
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