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Any liquid or semi-liquid that cannot immediately be identified.
This ranges from pastes found in the bottom of mayonnaise jars that have been waiting in the fridge for years, to that goo that showed up under your car.
The act of dropping, applying, spreading, or any sort of distribution of splid(noun). Inanimate objects can produce splid.
Noun: The splid in this stress ball is coming out, gross.

Verb: Do NOT open the fridge, something splid all over the bottom and I haven't cleaned it up yet.
by The atomic snowman October 05, 2007
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A portmanteau of spoon and lid (sp+lid) describing the makeshift spoon fashioned from the lid of a pre-packaged food item.
Victoria wanted to eat her yoghurt but didn't have a clean spoon so peeled back the foil and made a very neat splid that would impress even the most accomplished of origami experts.
by mark.1981 August 12, 2010
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A splid is a spoon created from the aluminium foil of a yoghurt pot.

It is delicately folded to create a rough triangle spoon-like device, useful for consuming yoghurt if no traditional spoon is available.
I'm just gunna make a splid because I don't have a spoon with me!
by ace5p1d0r August 12, 2010
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