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The term for a swollen vagina after vigorous "exercise" yet the owner of the vagina is still horny resulting in a swollen, wet bulge which upon impact creates a splat sound.
Damn, that bitch's splatpack just gushed on my hand.

Watch out when you go in there, I just gave that girl a nasty splatpack.
by Kale T December 18, 2007
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The Splat Pack is made up of filmmakers that have rekindled horror films. The term was coined by Alan Jones of Total Film. Members include Rob Zombie, Eli Roth, Alexandre Aja, Neil Marshall, James Wan, Leigh Whannell, Darren Lynn Bousman and Greg McClean. The group has been credited with bringing back the era of graphic R-Rated movies and reversing the PG-13 rated horror movie trend. The members usually have their films recut by the MPAA board in due to the content of their work yet continue to have a string of succesful films.
I can not stand these PG-13 horror movies. The Splat Pack make better and more intense horror movies.
by horrormoviefanscom August 24, 2008
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An ignorant trash talking australian known for molesting kangeroos and drinking heavily while cursing constantly!
by larry parsons January 13, 2004
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a pornographic picture encased in a plastic bag that is can be plastered to the wall, and used in a jail or prison shower to fap off to; some fap packs or the materials used to construct one may have some trade value.
Mojo screws confiscated my favorite splat pack. Bro, I be trade you a splat pack for a loosey.
by dbez October 09, 2011
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