the tattoo on the small of a woman's back. this refers to a target area for a man to ejactulate upon.
lisa just got a tribal splat tat.
by aries February 27, 2005
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When a man ejaculates on his woman, outlines the mess with a pen or marker and the woman has the "splat" outline permanently tattooed onto her person. A Splat Tat is a sign of devotion. A commitment / relationship tattoo for the new generation. Couples can also use it in sex games. Perhaps the man can attempt to match the tattoos shape during future love sessions.
Susan has an open mind, but do you think she loves me enough to accept my splat tat.
by JJBidwell April 1, 2015
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When a man has a tattoo on their upper shoulder that men splat on
Dude that guy totally busted on my Splat Tat
by Dragonhawkthunder May 25, 2019
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