When someone roads someone so hard that they can't show their face.
Your face is so messed up you look like August from Wonder! You got spit-roasted!!
by Jackson2222 December 5, 2017
A three-way sex act in which a person is penetrated orally and either anally or vaginally.
Your mother got arrested, but was released after she let the cops spit-roast her on video.
by El Juanquero March 8, 2005
Simultaneous penetration of the mouth and either the vagina or anus. If the penetrating objects are penises, this is sometimes called The Spit Roast
The woman had sex with two men, and one had there penis in her ass, and another in her mouth, this is Called The Spit Roast.
by Richard QW April 17, 2007
The position when a woman is on her hands and knees with a guy behind her doing her doggie style while another male is in front of her and she is sucking on his penis. Looks very much like a pig being roasted on a spit.
Trixie was the life of the party when she was spit roasted in front of the crowd.
by Andy2T January 28, 2004
When an erect penis is inserted into another persons anal cavity and proceeds to penetrate their body, exiting out of their oral cavity. They then proceed to barrel roll on said penis.
"Hey bro, me and Jessica were having sex last night, I tried to spit roast her and it made such a mess"
by Bigdaddymac11 March 17, 2021
otherwise referred to as "the shaky 'h'" is a sex position where there is one person giving a blowjob and getting fucked, where two of the people are vertical and one is horizontal.
go to pornhub and look "spit roasting" up
by ;/ikuyf;yd rzewzertyduloi April 2, 2018
Woman enjoying sucking a cock while being fucked by another guy, usually she is on hands and knees.
There is nothing degrading about a woman enjoying being spit roasted. My wife absolutely loves it when we have another guy in our bedroom and she gets cock in mouth and pussy at the same time. We then swap places so the other one gets cock sucked. Great as both me and male friend get sucked by my wife and both get to fuck my wife. And she gets to suck 2 cocks and be fucked by both cocks. Everyone has a great time. So far we have done this with over 20 different guys. Some of the guys call regularly for our weekly spit roast.
by watchingWife January 27, 2014