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Scensters, Punks, Hipsters, all mixed up into one. They all hang out anyway. they're hot.

Scenesters - hair. yeah, spipsters actually CARE about their hair appearance, where as hipsters won't shower for days, and punks just like...elmers glue and kool-aid colors.

Punks - MUSIC. Spipsters play guitar and always are trying to make a statement in their lyrics. Unlike hipsters who just tend to like a lot of Eurotrash techno shit with no meaning at all except...synthesizers...dear god.

Hipsters - Skinny jeans, plaid, converse, vans, basically hipsters SAY they don't care about their clothes and thrift everything, but lets be honest here, THEY SHOP AT URBAN OUTFITTERS. although the "real" ones won't admit to it, its seriously where they get all their pre-ripped clothes and "i-want-you-to-think-i-got-this-from-the-salvation-army" style. all hipsters are lying if they tell you that. seriously check the chopped off tag.

All three of them have unique tattoos and piercings, hipsters tend to love the gauges and random ear piercings

Scenesters enjoy the monroes, lip piercings, eyebrows, nose...etc. Gauging usually remains with the hipsters.

Punks pierce weird places not appropriate for this site...but thats not attractive...thats just weird.

and they all have tattoos that are "meaningful"...well they're meaningful when you're 22, but honestly who's going to want a tattoo that says "ANARCHY, FUCK YOU SOCIETY!!!" across your chest when you're a single 60 year old on chatroulette.
Bill - "wow, man, look at that fuckin hipster, he actually took a shower this morning"

Steven - "naw, man, that's a Spipster, they believe in Garnier."
by yeahwooyeahwoo August 08, 2010
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1. A sports fan hipster. 2. Only roots for underdog teams and/or now defunct franchises, usually ironically. 3. Prefers radio to television broadcasts. 4. Keeps score by hand. 5. Wears vintage jerseys of lesser known've probably never heard of them. 6. Refuses to acknowledge when teams relocate and only refers to them by their original city, such as the Charlotte Hornets. 7. Regularly references unnecessarily complicated stats.
Things a spipster might say: 1. "Hey beer man, have you any PBR?" 2. "Wrigley was so much better before they installed the lights."
by Big-Red November 27, 2012
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