No matter who tries to tell them they had the wrong mindset, they fought to the end and didn't change for anyone. Their fans would take that over becoming a different team just to win a game any day.
The Charlotte Hornets made it to where they made it. There was nothing stunning about them not making the playoffs, people saw it coming from as soon as the media started adding hype and excitement about the playoffs well before the end of the season, some of us knew something would happen to throw them off course, and it turned out to be the injuries.
by Solid Mantis May 19, 2021
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The worst basketball team in the NBA without a doubt. Watching their games is like watching men in their herpes rehab program play basketball. I’d rather watch a WNBA game than watch the hornets get beat by every single nba team.
Jerry: Haha! Your team sucks.
Howie: shut up jerry, you’re a Charlotte Hornets fan, at least my team can pull women younger than 40 years old.
by Moe_Lester_69 February 28, 2021
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They didn't make the playoffs, they got humiliated by the more experienced team, but they also didn't quit or give up, they kept going without many of their players for a lot of the season.
The Charlotte Hornets don't need credit, they know they ket fighting to the end, even if they lost.
by Solid Mantis May 18, 2021
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