doing many things at once, dating many people at once, being a whore, friendly; like in the variety shows of the 70s where the performer puts a plate on a tall thin stick mounted to the stage and spins it ... puts another plate on another stick and spins it ... doing more and more to see how many he can keep spinning without falling
Dude1: "Hey man, you just dating that one chick?"
Dude2: "Nah, I've got several hoes on the line, i'm spinning plates man!"
by PapiLoco July 28, 2010
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The act of simultaneously masturbating three or more Chinese men.
Foreign Exchange Student 1: "Mate I can't remember anything after I ate those funny tasting prawn crackers at the welcome party last night..."

Foreign Exchange Student 2: "Dude, I just saw a video of you on the internet plate spinning..."
by PurpleSgtPepper August 31, 2011
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