Spicy chips they are so heated

So much spice I gotta eat it
Yeah the spice is undefeated

I don’t need to be repeated
Spicy chips they burn your mouth

Spicy chips in a high amount
So much spice I can’t keep count

It’s the best spice there is no doubt

There’s no need for spicy chicken

Don’t need to be cooked in a kitchen

Spicy chips make life worth living
Spicy chips

Spicy chips leave my mouth bleeding

The spicy chips now I am needing

Spicy chips they can’t be beaten

I eat all those spicy chips

Put em in some spicy dip
So damn hot they burn my lips

Spicy chips they are so tasty

Not enough spice it’s getting hasty
Spicy chips they are what made me
by Generic stop June 30, 2021
(N)Salsa mixed with jizz and fed to a chick on a chip
(Adj)Something Gross

*See manley guacamole
(N) Come here and eat my spicy chip!
(Adj) You little spicy chip!
by SeAsIdE April 12, 2006
I don't know why he doesn't like me. I know I'm not a spicy chip, but I am pretty.
by tomatovinegar April 26, 2009
something basic bitch people think eating counts as a personality
by SystemShutDown November 17, 2020
a gif composing of 2 spheres quickly turning into squares, donuts, and cylinders in that order before becoming spheres again with the caption "me after spicy chip" at the top.

this gif is trying to resemble the confusion of your tongue after a spicy chip has been layed on it, due to the shapes quickly forming in and out of the four shapes.
i had very confusion me after spicy chip
by thiscatisd September 13, 2022