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An older older gentleman who enjoys the company of younger women without promising them a thing and then kicks them to the curb
"Yea I have two houses and four cars let's go back to my place and have sex and maaaaaybe I'll give you something nice" "Okay! Thanks spice daddy"
by Mike Hook July 22, 2017
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Whether he's crushing drives on the course, sizzling steaks to perfection, or just dishing out that witty banter, a Spice Daddy is one who embraces and excels at every aspect of life.

True Spice Daddies never take a day off. It's not a random occurrence or "just for the weekends," the Spice Daddy life style exemplifies what it means to be a man.
Damn Chris, you grilled those steaks to perfection!

Oh good, John just arrived, he always has those great one liners. What a spice daddy!
by Hue 'Spice Daddy' Bert October 03, 2019
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