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someone that is so obsessed with their boyfriend that they literally want to live in their ball sack and swim around like a mermaid
β€œhey, where’s Julie been?”
β€œthis spermaid has been with her boyfriend for the last 72 hours”
by kareezus January 23, 2020
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Refers to the little swimmers (sperm or mermaids) every man carries that women just cant get enough of. Mermaids which were once thought extinct cloned themselves into exact replicas of sperm and now invade every orafice the human body has to offer.
Hey man, did you see that guy on the beach, he shot spermaids all in that girls mouth.
by Raptor13fox July 13, 2011
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A Spermaid is a person who has intercourse with males often enough to be considered living in sperm.
"I heard she sleeps around."
"Wow, she's such a Spermaid."
by MayhexxGT August 06, 2016
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