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Internet caricature of typical self diagnosed aspergers suffering shutin that has to provide input on everything and anything in the most obnoxious, self unaware, or creepy manner possible.
See Crucifixion in anime page on wikipedia

Or just wikipedia which is edited by sperglords
by vaguba December 06, 2009
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Someone who feels the need to be correct and validate themselves by stating facts or truisms regardless of circumstance, despite being completely socially inept at gauging exactly how much of a nobgobbler this makes them.
World of Warcraft Player: Quit being a sperglord.

Sperglord: <googles sperglord, doesn't like what he sees, and missing the point entirely, adds a less self-condemning definition (tagging "truth") which just makes him look like an even bigger sperglord>
by lolsperglords November 08, 2011
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(1) one who lords over ALL THE SPERGS

(2) one who freaks out for no reason
(1) "temply pecker is such a fucking sperglord. he needs to calm his tits."

(2) "i faked a relationship and rushed into a real one and am now mad that people are asking me about it. HATE YOU ALL SPERG SMASH"
by ggbbfb March 14, 2013
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Someone who states true facts to try and reveal the problems with things. While others dislike that the truth may reveal the downside and raise issues that aren't being addressed. While others don't like to hear about the problems and call this person a sperglord.
Person A: Too many people play World of Warcraft. Over 12 million I believe.

World of Warcraft player: Quit being a sperglord.
by jackaljeep October 19, 2010
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