2 definitions by pea soup

How an idiot argues with another person. Instead of using rational statements and facts, they spam the other person with mindless banter and stubborn ranting.
Rational Argument:

Person 1: I think that the Xbox 360 is better than the Wii because it has better hardware and more graphical power.

Person 2: Well I think the Wii is better than the 360 because it is more interactive and appeals more to casual gamers.

Idiot Argument:

Person 1: Well, I think the Wii is better than the Xbox 360 because...

Idiot: NO! NO! Shut the hell up. I said the Xbox 360 is better. NO! NO! Insert random group here says its better! NO! I'm right. Your wrong. Shut the hell up.
by pea soup March 7, 2010