The name giving to a homless sheep in Western Australia
wtf is spector doing on the streets
by the blind man September 23, 2003
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1) The unknowing of a person, thing or creature, Formally use of a Unknown entity.

2) The illusion of one that brings to another.
1. We saw the Ghostly Spector.

2.The Spector was my friend who showed me it.
by SpectorVA June 27, 2021
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Born on 26th of December 1936 Phil Spector is one of the most unusual and ridiculously batshit people to ever enter the music industry. After starting a small band called the Teddy Bears which broke up in 1959 Spector moved on to Record producing. Allegedly holding The Ramones he was charged with the murder of actress Lana Clarkson after she tried to leave his home and sentenced to life for the crime (or possibly because of his hilariously insane hair), currently incarcerated but will be set for parole when he's 88.
Phil Spector has hair that would make Poison weep tears of shame.
by jltdkllr May 29, 2011
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{pl n.} combination of the word "pectoral" and "spector", representative of weak pectoral muscles on a scrawny man.
Chuck: "Look at that wimp!"
Larry: "No chest at all."
Chuck: "Spectorals, definitely."
by Prince Oddz September 30, 2007
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a computer monitoring program used by parents or bosses to track what the computer users do. Pretty much means if you have this on your computer,

"dude dont use that"
"spector pro."
by screwed from spector pro May 24, 2010
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A ceiling fan that has a mushroom light kit (sometimes schoolhouse globe) and has 36 inch blades it is a spinner and is good (crappy for other people) traditional spinner
I just installed a 90s HERITAGE SPECTOR in my room.
by Peter91292 December 6, 2020
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Ronnie Spector(original name:Veronica Bennet) Born 1947 and was in a girl group called The Ronettes with her sister Estelle Bennett and her cousin Nedra Talley. They made a huge hit called "Be My Baby". in 1967 She married the producer Phil Spector. Ronnie was meant to go on tour with The Beatles but she married phil who abused her and wouldnt allow her to go outside, she was isolated untill she escaped in 1971 and later got divorced in 1975. Ronnie later was unknown to people. they didnt recognize her and she started singing a song called Try Some, By Some by Apple Records. Ronnie isnt as famous as she used to be but She still sings today and is 75 years old and still can sing.
Ronnie Spector is back in 2020! Phil told ronnie he was gonna keep her in a gold coffin with glass on top and said"Ronnie, when i have to kill you i will display you here for eternity".
by OhSrCat May 18, 2020
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