n. The belief that one species is superior to another (similar to the beliefs of racism- the belief that one race is superior to another)

;Human intolerance or discrimination on the basis of species, especially as manifested by cruelty to or exploitation of animals.
Nearly everyone supports speciesism without realizing it. By eating meat meat or supporting animal cruelty in other ways (buying products tested on animals, going to circuses with animals, etc.) people support this.
by goVeg April 16, 2005
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"EnD sPeCiEsIsM" said the woman whose skull was filled only with spinal fluid an essential oils

"M'am do you mean the fucking food chain" said a person whose IQ was above 69

"nO, yOu VeGaNpHoBiC, bIdEn SuPpOrTiNg, PrO cHoIcE, PrO vAx, LiBeRaL pEiCe oF sHiT
by ReetusNeetusDefines January 16, 2021
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Speciesism was coined in the 1970's. It is used by animal rights activists and is usually meant as a derogatory term for humans that eat meat and is suppose to mean that humans care more about their species then they do other species, although it usually is for animals humans eat or affect on a large scale: fish to primates. The true definition is favoritism for your own species over others, so this termed can be applied to nearly every organisms humans know to exist.

When called this, the person is usually say that you use animals as entertainment, food, testing, or as pets (usually more extreme cases).
Radical Vegan: You meat eaters practice speciesism! You only care about your stomachs!

Omnivorous Human: You also practice speciesism, you care only about animals, what about the plants that produce oxygen for you?
by BLH Productions February 01, 2010
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Societal speciesism is the formalization of a set of institutional, historical, cultural, and interpersonal practices within a society that more often than not puts one species or supernatural group in a better position to succeed and at the same time disadvantages other groups and species in a consistent and constant matter that disparities develop between the groups and species over a period of time. Societal speciesism can also be referred as structural speciesism and as awtokism.
"Societal speciesism is a big problem nowadays, mainly because it encourages speciesism and normalization of speciesism and awtokism, and even leading into awtokist behavior and advocating."

"Societal speciesism is what awtokism is about, even societal speciesism is still a lot debatable since its concepts need to be well developed for we get a conclusion."
by Full Monteirism March 01, 2021
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A gesture to the fact that allowing Speciesism to persist without some type of government over watch to keep it in check may over time greatly increase the chances of major disease pandemics happening, including diseases that have the ability to kill large numbers of people.
Dan: Its really sad that so many people have died from Covid-19.
Baxten: It is sad, but what’s even sadder, at least in my opinion, is the fact that all of this may have been averted if the Obama and Trump Presidential Administrations had done a better job trying to pass regulations to reduce the impact of Speciesism by doing things like requiring pet insurance to provide coverage for preventive health care visits and pressure states to pass regulations to reform their animal healthcare systems to make them more effective, accessible, and cost efficient.
Dan: That part I also agree with you on. Disease outbreaks like this are Speciesism’s hallmark after all.
by Vanguard 1998 March 12, 2021
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