a retard who contiuously makes stupid comments and doesnt realize it.a common retard who most people would be embarrased to be seen with.typically an idiot
"Shut up special K u retard!!"
by A Partial Observer February 28, 2008
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Special K is a nickname for the drug Ketamine.
Hi Allen, wanna pop back mine after the nightclub shuts. Can send some special K until we enter the K hole and pass out asleep!
by TheDruggoNextDoor March 05, 2018
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A psychotically backwards girl who kills anything you show love to. With large botoxed lips and demonic nashers. She often creates delusions and false memories of the past contaiming you and others and then starts making out they are true.
She will slide into your life and appear as nice but eventually will become more and more crazy, till eventually she verbally attacks you and tries to humiliate you so you feel uncomfotable around people trying to trap you in her web where she makes you believe everyone is against you but her. She likes to warp peoples minds and will buy you unwanted gifts and later make out you use her. Do not allow Special K into your life, she will find you and she will get you.

Warning: Often becomes hostile and screams

Girl- did you hear that
Boy- it's nothing baby
A demonic girl. Special K
by Spericalala September 17, 2017
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