Spliffs rolled with normal sized rizlas, rather than kingsize. Their small size and pointy roach end makes them look like minature spears, and obviously it is your destiny to blaze them up. Smoking them will unlock the secrets of your destiny, but you'll forget in the morning because you were so stoned.
Coconut Head rolled this spear of destiny for us. Its small but it'll get you crazy stoned squire.
by Digweed Academy May 19, 2009
An ancient Christian mythological artifact. The Spear of Destiny refers to the legendary spear point that was used to kill Jesus on the cross at the hands of a Roman soldier. Passed down through history, this artifact purportedly bestows supernatural powers upon the weilder. It is sometimes believed to be a focus for the powers of evil, as in the 2005 film, "Constantine."

The fictional artifact disappeared after WWII. However, an actual artifact of this description has been scientifically examined during contemporary times and found to have originated many centuries later than legend claimed.
The Spear of Destiny in his hand, the man became posessed by evil and indefeatable.
by Crimson February 21, 2005
1) The sequal to Wolfenstein 3D. It's Wolfenstein 3D with a new plot, different levels, some other stuff and not much else.
2) BJ is trying to keep the Nazi's from getting the Spear of Destiny or something.
Spear of Destiny was kind of dissapointing to most fans.
by horror_blood July 8, 2004