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Suzannah is pretty much the best thing since sliced bread. Suzannah is a highly inteligent girl that used to rock blonde hair but is now sucessfully a dark brunette. Meeting Suzannah will change your life in earth shattering ways. Your life after a quick meeting with Suzannah (aka suz, or suzzy) will be complete because you will have met the kindest, most generous person ever. Suzannah does all of her own stunts and knows how to keep people entertained. Like i said before, Suzannah is pretty much the best thing since sliced bread, bendy straws, pizza delivery, oh and chocholate covered gummy bears.
A very inticing person, suzannah; suz; or suzzy.
by sz's sisteeerrrrr August 31, 2007
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The perfect gal!!!! ( TRUST ME ON THAT ONE ) She’s a dark brunette who’s personality makes everyone smile ,,,Suzannah is a class clown and any boy would fall for her with the click of her fingers!!She’s intelligent,friendly,outgoing and always has her friends backs when they need her the most..... Suzannah runs the dance floor on a night out and looks flawless doing it!! She’s a keeper guys ,, If you ever meet a Suzannah DONT LET HER GO ,, trust me you will regret it !!!!
Oh wow chris you got yourself a Suzannah there you lucky lucky guy

She’s definitely a Suzannah no ones as funny as that normally
by Niamh ahern June 27, 2018
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