A slang term combining spam and comment, referring to unsolicited comments (usually on a blog) containing advertising or other nefarious links.
I love when my blog readers leave comments, but the damn spamments with 25 links to granny-porn sites are really aggravating.
by SJ_Duke December 06, 2006
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When someone spams multiple messages in the comment section of a blog, post, etc., instead of using one large message.
"Did you see what Kevin was doing on my post?"
"Yeah, he was spammenting like crazy!"
"I know, he kept typing his sentence word by word!"
by elpotatosquid October 06, 2015
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An annoying, stupid, and pointless spam message left in the comment section of a weblog (blog), often trying to promote stocks, sell erectile dysfunction medication, penis enlargement, prescription drugs, etc. The message is written in the same type of language you'd find in a spam e-mail, only spamments are sent to a blog. As with spam e-mail, these comments are usually sent out through automated computer programs rather than individual users.
(term coined--as far as I know--by livewire at: http://livewire7.blogspot.com/2005/08/and-another-thing.html
"I'd like to kill the motherf*cker who left this spamment on my blog. How does he know that my penis needs enlarging?"
by Skrambled Egghead August 26, 2005
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