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A slang term combining spam and comment, referring to unsolicited comments (usually on a blog) containing advertising or other nefarious links.
I love when my blog readers leave comments, but the damn spamments with 25 links to granny-porn sites are really aggravating.
by SJ_Duke December 06, 2006
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An annoying, stupid, and pointless spam message left in the comment section of a weblog (blog), often trying to promote stocks, sell erectile dysfunction medication, penis enlargement, prescription drugs, etc. The message is written in the same type of language you'd find in a spam e-mail, only spamments are sent to a blog. As with spam e-mail, these comments are usually sent out through automated computer programs rather than individual users.
(term coined--as far as I know--by livewire at:
"I'd like to kill the motherf*cker who left this spamment on my blog. How does he know that my penis needs enlarging?"
by Skrambled Egghead August 26, 2005
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