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An excess flood of spam.
Usually occurs during a chat or when opening your email inbox.
(In a chatroom)
6ubl3rf4n: I know, so cool
DarkLight: mah fav movie 2
random spammer: *&^*(OIUGHUIHGtghy97tfy7y9u9ugt7yfut7ig
random spammer: UIHGY(&T&YUIH&y80iout798^&(*^*Uihgyihgt79y*U
random spammer: T&*OUIYT*UOIHGTY*89uiokj
random spammer: ty9oihgft7989
DarkLight: hey! stop that
random spammer: UYOIHGYui809iuhoj
DarkLight: wat going on?
6ubl3rf4n: Oh noes! run its a spamalanche!

(when opening your inbox)
George: What th--? 20 new emails?
Jayne: 20? Who're they from?
George: Ah, forget about it. They're all spam...
Jayne: (laughes) you've just been hit by a spamalanche
by 6ubl3rf4n April 15, 2009
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The overwhelming number of spam messages that appear when kicked off by clicking on a link.
That link caused a spamalanche of porn sites to pop up during my presentation!
by Mojo Ford April 16, 2007
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An overwhelming avalanche of junk email SPAM. Can be both noun and gerund.
He routinely missed important messages due to the daily spamalanche in his email inbox.
by jdogdaddyw May 28, 2013
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The avalanche of e-mail that occurs when someone inappropriately sends out an e-mail to a large list, which then triggers "reply all" from many list members to remove them from the list. When this occurs during a holiday, the out-of-office messages also echo back and forth, worsening the problem.
That IT newbie sent a note to a global e-mail list during Christmas, and the ensuing spamalanche crashed our server!
by Ansel Thedog December 29, 2018
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