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A name of a person who is a dick in every situation. They must dominate the conversation, and make fun of someone in their line of site. If they are the target, they turn it around on someone else.
example #1
person 1: "john's been such a spadaro recently."

person 2: "Yeah i know, he's such a dick, let's kill him."

example #2
person 1: " So (person 3), how does it feel knowing no likes you."

person 2: "Yeah (person 3), I saw you yesterday by yourself. Fag"

person 3(the spadaro): "Well i wouldn't be talking (person 1) I know for a fact that you got aids for banging that whore last year! C'mon (person 2) let's go take a piss on (person 1's) dreams and aspirations. I'll have to find them first bitch."
by Alex Shanks May 10, 2007
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(1) A vertically challenged italian woman. Usually has a tiny mouth and nice jams. Always eats healthy foods unless alcohol is involved.

(2) Someone with several bank accounts.
Dang, did you see that spadaro walk in? She just ordered a ton of food, she must be hammered!


How many bank accounts do you have? What are you, some sort of spadaro?
by No Big Deal April 10, 2008
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