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A girl beyond beautifulness. A girl who is smart, healthy, (preferably a vegetarian) and cares about others. A girl who is like a well balanced breakfast. She is hot as shit…but still she is smart as shit!
Brenna is a soy bean!
by Shawn July 27, 2003
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A legume that grows above ground, even in Indiana.
by Ed A. Mame November 04, 2003
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a most insignifacnt looking little bean, but has so many uses that you just want to bang your head into the wall while reading about it. When doing a report on soybeans, make sure to equip yourself with a lot of Tylenol and much vodka.
"dude I'm doing a report on effin soybeans"
"aww dude that sucks, you need some vodka?"
"nah I got some. You got some Tylenol?"
by Miss Queen July 11, 2009
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Along with dildos, soy beans are known meat subsitutes.
"I dont know...this soy dog doesnt fell too nice in my ass. Just hasn't got the meatiness."
by munkey August 19, 2003
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A person or being who is lactose intolerant and must live on soy products.
kid 1:Hey Soybean don't drink that it contains dairy in it.

Soybean: Thanks that was a close one I could have died.
by Tingcoon December 15, 2008
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