1) Anything that has to do with the fomer Soviet Union; 2) A person from the former Soviet Union. In its derogatory form is used to denote those who have not completely liberated themselves from the totalitarian mindset.
Vasya is a total sovok. I went to the Driver's Licence Office and had to wait for three hours - it was a total sovok!
by Dr. Dan July 17, 2003
A person who assembles a packed lunch of hard boiled eggs, tomatoes, salted herring, and tea in a thermos, all of which are to be unwrapped in a public place atop a copy of PRAVDA and devoured noisily, preferably while in ones yellowing undergarments, to a combination of anti-semitic palaver, garbled recordings of Igor Sklyar emanating from a rusted red Lada parked by the artificial river, and the putrid smoke of Prima and Belomor-Krai.


1. A profound and tangled philosophy concerning the soviet hoi polloi and its industrialized, tractor-crushed soul.

2. One of the faceless masses residing in the USSR or CIS:

- The vendor in the local meat or bread store with her excessive make up, flamboyant shoes, and a heart full of pure hatred.

- The burly old men in hats and arms behind their backs pausing to argue about anti-semitic conspiracy politics and the football match, in angered tones.

- The woman who cuts into a 3-mile long line for imported Czechoslovakian boots, knowing that she will incite a loud, violent riot, while claiming her actions were still somehow fair.

2. A state of being wherein an objective reality based on complete absurdity and idiocy triumphs.

3. Soviet trash

4. The modern Soviet expatriate residing in Brooklyn, New York.

5. whimit
Is it man...beast...or sovok?
by Albert Miaskovsky March 12, 2004
A hairy bastard that thinks hes good with that plasma
GDI Sovok is a plasma whore!
by Elvis January 6, 2005