A meeting.
A brainstorming, or counselling session.
ref. The Dark Tower series by Stephen King
We will palaver tonight to discuss our options.
by Joe Lazarski June 23, 2005
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Something thats is fire and nasty at the same time
That pussy was so palavic i can still feel it when i piss
by Imma fuck your dog October 06, 2018
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Palaver is another word for smoking weed. Much like the story behind 4:20, 'palaver' comes from a group of stoners that met up every Monday night to play cards and discuss The Dark Tower, by S.King. In The Dark Tower, Palaver is explained as a meeting where people chat to one another.

As the monday night meetings evolved the friends would end up discussing more obscure topics, as you do when stoned. These would then turn into silly debates, causing a palaver.
Do you want to join me for a palaver before the pub?
by Mr_Frugal December 18, 2013
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A situation in which there is a lot of palaver.
A state in which a person is causing a lot of bother (usually uneccessarily)/annoyingly bothersome.
All this moving of furniture is creating a palaverous situation.
Oh stop being so palaverous, there's better things I could be doing.
by Rosie Moxham February 20, 2006
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