Ahh, the sweet smell of goat shit and ROTC sweat. Welcome to South! Don't forget your dip!

Start your morning off with our principal thats constantly fucked up on crack as well as the leader of the bald patrol. Next thing you wanna do is go to the juul lounge aka the B building bathroom, get a good ole nic buzz and if you're lucky a little weed high maneeee. If you're hungry, stop by the nasty cafeteria for some shitty cold food that tastes like absolute nothingness (except the fries, they smack). Step into the court yard and take a whiff of some pussy sweat from the thots and tears from the emos! Our school is cursed, every year someone dies, and our teen pregnancy rate is at an all time high! Don't forget to use condoms kids! Remember not to use the water fountains, or else you'll get mono! There's a ton of cool cliques for you yungins to join, there's the yeeyee group who all support Donald Trump and are in the FFA, the "popular" thots who think they're thicc, the ghetto white girls who hang with the black group, the good ole emo island behind the student center who might shoot the school up if you're not watching, and of course, the normal kids. Don't forget ladies and gentlemen, they shut down all the juul lounges during lunch so make sure to get your buzz before then!
"He's in ROTC and FFA? He's a South Iredell High kid!"
by plastickneereplacement October 16, 2019
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Welcome to south, your meth lab home for the next 4 years. Start your day off getting blinded by the sun from the bus lot, then walk across campus back and forth to your classes. Just for teachers that don’t care about their job to tell you that you can go get a cup of dookie ass coffee. From “WrItiNg club” to “cHrIsTiAn AtHleTICS” there are clubs galore to fill your brain with useless information and waste your time. You better not come on rainy days because you will be herded into the cafeteria to smell the pacific tuna smell of the school thots. But wait don’t try to sneak out because the officers don’t care either. Many cliques from the thots in the cafeteria and in front of G to the emotional trash at Emo island you can find it all even retards that somehow passed to 9th grade. Not as bad as Statesville but not as good as lake Norman. Then eat lunch with nowhere to sit while people take your chairs for a hour straight “ sit down or move on”. The only food here that is semi good is the McDonald’s fry’s they serve and the frozen chicken strips. If your 4th block is in upstairs A Good luck getting out. From the bus lot you can wait 20 minutes for the bus to arrive.but from there you thought you were done with middle school but yet you have to sit with the little gremlins.
“Wow south iredell high football team is so good
All we are known for...
by SaltyWetNutterButters November 6, 2019
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