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A.K.A. known as Statesvegas or Skanksville, the town where the two interstates (I-40 and I-77) meet calling it the cross roads for the future. A very bleak and boring future I must say unless you're 80 years of age and retired and attend the local country club for a round of golf, then Statesville is a blast. Statesville is about a million, I mean 200 years old which consists of about 150,000 people. Many teenagers such as so myself attend the local high schools in this area that are plagued by alcohol, marijuana, and sex, if you're a teenage girl the chances of you being pregnant even if you've never had sex are 7 out of 10 people! Like I said about the age of this town it's old and so is its heritage, Many of the first pilgrims here owned slaves and as to this day many of their bloodline still lingers here and so does their views of the world, where if you're black, you're automatically associated into a social class of poverty, crime, and injustice. And if you're white, you're either really rich, have it all, and the stuff of the town, or you've settled for less and become part of the lower class aka what people call hicks. If you're ever in town take a stroll to check out the history you'll see a monument of a confederate general standing next to the city center.
Omg dude did you see that chick from statesville? Yeah dude she's pretty hot, I bet she's a stuck up bitch though.
by The Sexanator September 04, 2007
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A forgotten place where the mall had only about four stores and an Ihop. The WalMart is Dope Central, where druggies and gangs hung out on Saturday nights, looking for something to smoke and a girl to do. The high schools had more pregnant teens than on television. Sweet 16 meant you go to the DMV, get your driver's permit, and inherit your parents run down cars that're older than you by a decade or so. Weekends meant late night movies and deer hunting. Having fun meant getting high and spray painting abandoned buildings or old train cars. Every day, there would be a new hobo down by the 'Shopping Center', which had more fast food places than shopping destinations. Dating someone meant displaying pictures of you and your partner on Myspace with your tongues down each other's throats. Junior year meant that you could finally drop out. Graduating meant that you can get the hell out of this town, this place that you've been stuck in for the past 18 years of your pathetic life.
I'm from Statesville.

by toomuchcandyx June 24, 2009
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An increasingly dynamic city that is starting to overflow with Colombians whom we have to smile at everyday. Where mostly everyone is cheap and one actually meets the socially accepted wealthy white person who steals. The high school's library at one point was home to a counterfeit bill industry and the place where I saw my first triple rainbow and not because of drugs people, which there is an abundance of. Student activities also include throwing eggs at hobos living in tents under the bridges or anything else that seems to be in their way and to an extent but not limited to skinny dipping in random, apartment and hotel pools. A place where ghost hunters find pleasure in finding abandon buildings such as the old abandoned hospital, hotels, houses you name it. Where bonfires, and fireworks are restricted within city limits but occur regardless every now and then. Statesville is also home to huge old houses, ugly dogs, and crazy obsessed, scary video game geeks that work at Game Stop. Yes, Statesville has a country club but it also has a sketchy ass gentleman's club creeping with syphilis infected hoes. Nonetheless, despite all the negative aspects about Shitsville/S-ville I will say that this "city" breeds incredible creativity so there is hope.
Random ideas among friends who thrive in Statesville: "Let's bake a cake and deliver it at a God forsaken hour!", "Yeah let's try to feed it to a squirrel!!"
by Jon Flug August 17, 2011
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