Half assed pale imitation of what Sepultura now wishes they were. Max, please rejoin Sepultura and give the jungle beats a rest.
Soulfly sucks! Sepultura sucks with Greene!
by antipop February 12, 2004
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A sucky ass band. Max Cavalera lost all his talent. Derrick Green is much better nowadays.
Fuck you Max. Go fuck off. Derrick, you can stay, you cool.
by Anthony Scrima May 10, 2004
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A slut,whore,and or a crazy girl.

A band called Soulfly collaberates with a lot of bands so theyre like a whore thats where it comes from.
You damn soulfly,you were fucking all those guys while we were going out!!!
by ZRO[HG] August 02, 2006
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