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Soul Sucker
(sōl ˈsəkər)

n. a person or collective group of people who focus exclusively on personal gain, draining whatever they can either mentally, emotionally or spiritually from others, without any thought of reciprocation or giving in return. To take without giving.
That soul sucker always leaves me feeling empty and cheated.
by boldstrike August 05, 2010
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the opposite of "soul mate". An ex or soon-to-be-ex who takes maniacal pleasure in squashing happiness, hope, or peace.
Hugo is a bitch ass soul sucker. ex
by Bitch, please... September 10, 2015
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Customers who waste a salesman's time, even when they are busy. The Customer is not looking or buying. They know fully well the salesman is traped and has to listen to there horrible stories of life, things they had in the past and how they almost "made it" in the music biz. They have no friends and hate there familys, so they choose you to soul suck. Enjoy!!
Oh no! Here come's Brian, that dude's a total "Soul Sucker". I need to hide in the back before i get soul sucked for an hour, i have to make money today.
by Renownedduck77 January 22, 2010
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