Background: A soufflé is made from eggs, milk and other substances and the word "soufflé" originates from souffler french for blow up as it is shaped as a mushroom cloud. It is a popular dessert in England.

References: In the T.V. Seires Doctor Who the 11th and 12th Doctor's compainion, Clara Oswald, was nicknamed "Soufflé Girl" as she was always unsuccessfully attempting to make them. She would typicaly burn them or fail to make them rise. Her mother was excellent at making them and on several occasions Clara quotes her mother saying, "The Soufflé is not the Soufflé the Soufflé is the recipe."
In England and France Soufflés are a very popular and widely enjoyed dessert. Desser Soufflé Souffle
by Ronnoc527 July 20, 2015
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When you take a fatty scoop of keef and drizzle it elegantly over a huuuuuge mound of T. The dangerous soufflé will deliver an unreal head rush straight to the dome and could cause a rookie mooker to yak face on the spot. It is commonly used as the KO rip for many experienced mole takers and is known to be heavily addictive.
Dude 1 (head over toilet): "yooo fella what the fuck did you just give me?"
Dude 2: "A soufflé, I thought u were hungry.

Dude 1 (post yak): "Oh, that makes sense, pack me another please.
by Mole Master May 19, 2017
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when a woman's bosom rises over her top and spills over. A phenomenon seen with particular frequency at Renaissance Faires. Similar in concept to the "muffin top."
Check out that woman's soufflé! I think it's about to fall!
by JG1026 August 25, 2010
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A booty so majestic, it looks like it was baked lightly into perfection.
Bro, that girl had the nicest ass I've ever seen. She has the booty soufflé going on.
by Dirty Dallas D November 03, 2014
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Being that one annoying fat guy who orders dessert when everyone else wants to leave.

Fingering a girl when she's on her period.

Dropping the soap in a prison shower.
Person 1: This dinner was great I'm stuffed.
Person 2: Yeah I have to go back to see the kids.
Person 3: Ah, I couldn't have another bite!
Waiter: That'll take 45 minutes.......
Person 4: THAT'S OK!

Person 1: Why are your fingers so red?
Person 2: I just ordered the soufflé!

Prisoner 1: Yo, why iz tra'quan walking so funny?
Prisoner 2: Nigga Order The Soufflé
by dirtymikeandtheboyz January 12, 2011
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A creampie soufflé is only possible in the aftermath of a regular creampie, and is achieved (very rarely) when the recipient vagina queefs and is lucky or skilled enough to blow a cum-bubble full of her twat fumes.
Since my girlfriend is on birth control I gave her a nice creampie, and by the will of the gods, she was able to bake a creampie soufflé when she was queefing the cum out. I was so amazed I took out my phone to take a pic, but it burst just before I took it, causing my phone to be splattered with my own jizz.
by THE COON August 28, 2012
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1)A person who is a leader, but who treats others as less than themselves, and who one might like to see fall from grace.

2) The absolute worst Douchebag.

3) Fucker or Mother Fucker
by Bubblz the Clown April 02, 2009
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