The feeling of being prevented for doing what one is fated, or intended, to do.
As the real estate agent planted a "SOLD" sign in the yard, Miguel felt himself overcome by a wave of sortition.
by prevailingwest July 26, 2021
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The creation of an democratic assembly composed of randomly chosen citizens, rather than elected politicians. The assembly is thus representative of the whole population. Supporters of sortition advocates that it would be more democratic and fair to randomly choses the parliaments, as it avoid corruption and polarization.
Sortition was used in the ancient Athenian democracy and have been recently experimented in Iceland, Canada, Ireland and France.
by Aristoto April 10, 2020
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The composition of an Assembly of citizens randomly selected among the adult population. It was used in the Athenian democracy. It ensures a fair representation of the whole population and ordinary citizens.
Sortition was experimented recently in Iceland, Canada, Ireland and France with the Citizens Convention for Climate. It looks a great way to assure a real democracy !
by Aristoto April 04, 2020
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