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A website which
-is cool
-then goes down because they want to upgrade the site but don't want a functioning site in the meantime
-then goes live with the old version after realizing their mistake
-and then goes down to "setup a router" is down again!
yeah they really like to mess with their users dont they?
by BlakeOPS August 01, 2004
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A site that, if used correctly, can be useful in helping to determine the meaning and history of songs. However, the better known songs' comments are usually dominated by idiots who never address meaning.
1. OmG i cant beliv no1s/more people haven't commented on this song!! (usually not even followed up by a meaning)

2. Duuuude, this song roxx!! lol (without an attempt to decipher the meaning, whatsoever)
by somebody whoever November 11, 2007
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A site that used to be alright as it gave a type of open forum for people to discuss the lyrics of the song and what it meant.

Then people just used the space to give ill formed and ignorant opinions of songs and bands and just turn the site into a "I hate this band because <reason>... however, listen to me while I shove even more reasons why you should like this other band down your throat! HEre's some cool... art house rock! Yeh man, we're hip... but NOT HIP! Dangerous".... but I digress.

It's basically a musical lyrics version of Urban Dictionary, in what it's supposed to be and what it became.
"haha rock on dude. GOod Charlotte is thee worst band ever. They "look punk enough" thats about it. First of all, punk isnt a look, and it sure aint hosting their own show on mtv. Even before they got big i thought they sucked, so don't say I'm mad cause their big n famous now, they still blow. If anyone who likes this song considers themselves a punk, then i will not call myself a punk, even though i am, and you arent haha. So in conclusion, cood charlotte can suck blink 182's dicks and they should all kill themselves, nfg too while we're at it, and sum41, and all the fake bands out there....."

This delightful "review", brought to you by a gentleman named "IamTheEd". Under further investigation, he is a college student who among other things enjoys "Shakira" and "Drew Barrymore", as these two are in his top four list of all time actors.
by Rory April 02, 2005
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