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1. a general insult combining two common "swears" (asshole + son of a bitch)

2. insult degrading someone's parental units (parents) referring that one or more is an asshole

3. a degrading term for some one of illegitimate birth (e.g. whore etc.) referring to the willingness to expose one's self of one parent (e.g. whore etc.) son of an: (child of) asshole: (unfaithful parent) (alternate for bastard)

4. an (offensive) term for someone who is gay adopted (adopted by gay parents) referring to the stereotype of gay ass sex or
son of those who participate in anal sex

5. literal alternative to son of a bitch while instead of being a gene ralinsult to the mother of a person, it usually refers to insulting ones father.
1. Damn! You are a son of an asshole
2. Like his father before him, he is one son of an asshole
3. With that man for a father he might just really be a son of an asshole.
4. That gay son of an asshole!
by yingmanrules March 24, 2009
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