The son of an accomplished man (usually wealthy) who can't replicate his father's success, usually because he had everything handed to him on a silver platter as a kid and/or wasn't blessed with his father's abilities (frequently because his father married a trophy wife, thereby who diluting those abilities).
James is an idiot son. He'll never be able to take over his father's business.
by Douglas31 November 26, 2007
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The Idiot Son Of An Asshole is a term used as refferance to George W. Bush
'Whats on TV?'

'The Idiot Son Of An Asshole'
by Joshua Wyatt March 23, 2006
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Immature, Inexperienced little dickhead who posts pathetic, racist meanings for crappy made up words/riddiculous person who harbours hatred for those who are different from him/her/Racist, prejidice fools and members of the B.N.P (British No Penis's)
Get an education you Idiot-son-of-a-slut.
I hope you are raped in the showers by a massive Black man you pathetic little Idiot-son-of-a-slut.
Did you're mum have sex with all your mates & film it on webcam you Idiot-son-of-a-slut?
by Dawn Chapman September 4, 2006
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A perfect husband material for any aggressive woman. The idiot son is so easily pussy wipped that he will do anything if he can get a head, even though the head is mostly teeth. The idiot son from the rich family also has very little understanding of how normal people live, he thinks life is hard or unacceptable because a pigeon dropped a shit in front of him when he was taking a stroll in his private garden or his servant poured the white wine into the red wine glass.
Joe: Prince Harry is really a level 10 idiot son from a rich family! He is so pussywipped that he will listen to everything from his wife Meghan!!

Bob: GODDAMMIT U R RIGHT!!! That's why that kid is in Canada right now!!!
by Johnny Seven O.M.A. February 22, 2023
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