The place most people would like to be most of the time.
i.e.: Not here
Teacher: Can you demonstrate the long division at the blackboard, please?
Student (thinking): oh i wish i was somewhere else now... anywhere... not here!!!
by ida c. October 14, 2006
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The 63rd song of the Undertale soundtrack. Also probably one of the greatest musical masterpieces ever written. If you haven't listened to it yet, go do it.
P1: Hey have you listened to It's Raining Somewhere Else?
P2: No
P1: Well you should it's like one of the best songs of the soundtrack
by annoying dog January 7, 2023
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go fuck somewhere else another way to tell someone to fuck off and go fuck themselves at the same time when you are not afraid to use stronger profanity
dude wheres my goddamn candy

man i dont have your goddamn candy go fuck somewhere else

no dude give me my goddamn candy and go fuck somewhere else

man you better stop badgering me about your goddamn candy and go fuck somewhere else

dude you are really uptight

man what do you expect to get from me im telling you to go fuck somewhere else

ok dude i get you
by littlejimmie April 2, 2019
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Used to signify disdain at the current situation.
A need to be awesome, somewhere else.
Guy 1: Wow, this party is really lame. When they said it was gonna be all hot girls we didn't expect them to have sweatshirts on!
Guy 2: Let's go be awesome somewhere else
Guy 1: Gravy
by McDank18 February 10, 2011
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