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You're such a special person. Most people do not care about you (even your family) but you unexpectedly show them your talent and they will be so proud of you. That's mean that you can go far even if nobody dont know you are exist. But actually you did not realise the cares from others. Congrats for being solehah. Last, you are a very awesome and kind cause you will shame yourself if you do the wrong thing because your name is too nice.
I love that kind of attitude because you're just like solehah.
by Mustacheforever January 02, 2017
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Cute , kind-hearted , always happy eventhough she had problems , nice , beautiful , gorgeous , had a natural prettyfaced , smart , looks like model , can be a model , clever , open-minded and she had everything that no one else not have . She's also had good vibes and aura . Sometimes naughty and bad girl
When solehah walk

Guys : look at that , a model are coming

Solehah : hey guys

One of the guy : oh , she greeted at me . I had fallen in love with her
by raykal December 29, 2016
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