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A warmly-humorous "phonetic" way of spelling/saying the word "sociable"; it denotes a slightly bluff/cajoling "buddy-cuddly" way of "yankin' down da social barriers" and making someone feel immediately loved and welcome... "come along an' join da fun --- we're all one big happy family!"
City-raised teenager whose family has recently moved to a semi-rural area: I felt a bit awkward and outta place having my jovial new neighborhood-pal trot me around wif him during an entire "typical teenager's weekend-activities" day and welcomingly include me in all of his assorted ventures 'n' escapades --- visiting his friends and shooting a few hoops with them, popping in on neighbors' boisterous backyard-barbecues, looking up a few things at the library, joking around with the staff at the hardware store, hugging/high-fiving/wrist-wrestling the cute freckle-faced chicks whom we met around town, and so on... he kept his arm firmly hooked through mine wherever we went and always included me in any group-hugs/sandwich-snuggles that he engaged in wif others, and so again I felt kinda bowled over with everything at first. But I soon realized that my new friend was merely being totally soh-shuh-buhl and making absolutely sure that I never felt "left out", and so eventually I got used to it and actually rather enjoyed it... not exactly how we do stuff in da big city, but heck --- what do I know??
by QuacksO July 24, 2018
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