Commonly used irreverent phrase when spoofing popular comedian Jerry Seinfeld from the show Seinfeld. Other common phrases include "whats the dealllll?" and "who arrrrrrre these people?" While first made popular by fellow comedians such as Gilbert Gottfried, it is now popular for ordinary fans/detractors of Seinfeld to use this phrases as an imitation or parody.
by JoeROE1234 September 20, 2010
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the beginning of a question or statement.

If somebody says, "hey, so"
in the middle of a conversation,

You sir, are fucked. Hold onto something.
Well, he's pretty clever.

Yeah, I guess.
Ugh it's raining.
you Okay?
Hey, sooo...
by ItsLondon! November 27, 2017
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so fast hey is an adj or an ad, for nonsense fast person for declaration about the same as his fastness. We are in love as Khayyam and lovers as active as Michael, and happier when we are Christie(Burg) eventually, and no body lets us may be possibly.
I render this under taker has been too /so fast hey/in putting, in us had put a memorial: He did never put the coffin,s door on top of the spirit lost man of us. Never it could be.
by man!? October 2, 2018
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