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(1): A dictionary word that is absurd.
(2): adverb, describing something that is particularly and extremely gone. (refer to 'gone')
Snurple is a dictionary word that is absurd!
by Cool Jimmy Beans August 04, 2011
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Snurple (Verb) is a word that describes a person who is drinking like a silly sausage.

Defined by Tom of the Soviet himself, he used it just twice in an essay, bringing his total A level score down by several hundred points.

The debate on what it is to be a snurple continues even today, baffling the very best, including the renowned George Bush. Long debates and extremely frustrated English professionals have lead to an overall increase in the number of murder victims in the UK during 2005.
"My English teacher attempted to snurple me to death"
by Paul Dilley October 05, 2005
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a special kind of purple nurple in which the nipple is pinched between the thumb and middle finger where the thumb has index finger support (from the outside)
mofo gave me a snurple last week and my tatas still hurt!
by mexicandyman April 10, 2009
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