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a girl who enjoys guys cumming on her forehead.
she gets pleasure when guys cum on her forehead, she is such s snowhead!
by vandhi October 06, 2008
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Very enthusiastic skier, to the point of being a know-it-all wanker.
Jesus, that guy thinks he knows everything about skiing, must be a one of those wanker, know-it-all, snowHeads.
by snakehands June 08, 2014
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When a white girl gives you head
Brian: yall fuckers went fullsend last night eh
Chad: coke was fine but that snowhead really got me dizzy
Brian: oooh boy you lost your mouth virginity
Chad: what
Brain: what
by Xannyboyxannyboy June 09, 2018
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Someone who is big into Winter sports or mad passionate about snow.
Usually skiing or snowBoarding but could be back country touring, Winter hiking or climbing or even making snowmen! :-)
He's such a snowHead, that's the 3rd ski trip he's done this Winter.
by Baggsie August 22, 2016
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