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1. snot hole; nostril
2. shortened form of "not, arsehole" or "not, asshole"
1. Get your finger outa your snothole, you dirty bugger.
2. Hey turd. Are you coming over tomorrow, or snothole?
by yorrick hunt January 06, 2008
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A slimy wet vagina with few scattered chunks of crust in her panties.
Bro you gonna bail to hang with that snot hole ..... fo real? You could just sneeze in your hand it aint all that
by Dutch_Rudders March 24, 2016
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The circular passages at the bottom of the nose. aka nostrils.
Get ya finger oot ya snot hole ye dorty get.
by gobshite April 12, 2005
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When you stick a rubber up your nose and pull it out of your mouth so it’s all gooey with snot and saliva, then you put it on and fuck a girl with it.

For those Agaisnt using condoms when having sex there is a short cut to this method: simply blow your nose in your hands, rub it on your dick and fuck her with it raw.
Oh man, I met this girl last night and she asked me for a Snot Hole!
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by Johnny Martini June 12, 2018
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