To take two doses of Tylenol PM, chug a bottle of Ex-Lax, and see how many Pokemon you can catch on your favorite gaming system before you pass out and shit yourself.
"Dude, your mom said you had the worst food poisoning this weekend."

"Nah, I decided to try the Snore-Lax a couple of nights ago and it got out of hand. The good thing is that I beat my old record by 3!"
by DTP Dominos December 2, 2018
The snoring starfish is the name given to a sexually destroyed female who has assumed the starfish position and passed out. Unlike regular snoring, the snoring starfish gains its famous name from the small but potent spunk bubble queefs that are emitted from her creampied vagina.
"Holy shit dude, I took this tinder date home last night.. I was debating asking her out on a second date but then she became a snoring starfish..."
by Dr Mantis Toboggan April 25, 2019
When both parties simultaneously fall asleep during drunk intercourse whilst penis is still inserted in the vaginal cavity. Also both parties are snoring.
During my best friends wedding I walked into my lodge room and on my bunk bed I witnessed his sister Snore fucking her boyfriend; I had to show Ned and Tim.
by Danooo_tim September 6, 2015
A girl you don't really care about beyond a booty call who ends up weasling her way into sleeping over your house after you bang her, and keeping you up with her snoring.
I didn't even want to take any girls home last night because I was tired and didn't want to get stuck next to some stupid snore whore.
by dizzy the dynosaur October 11, 2009
really really boring... so boring as to make you crash so hard that you would snore
i tried to watch that movie castaway with tom hanks, but it was snoring boring
by littleB-) June 30, 2009
A sometimes loud, always odorous, expulsion from the butt which occurs while sleeping. Also see fart.
Woman: I hardly slept at all last night.

Man: Why? Was I snoring?

Woman: Not exactly. You were butt snoring, which is why I ended up sleeping in the guest room.
by Sethington July 11, 2008
When someone or something is totally boring...that they/it
sends you to sleep...

You heard it all before...seen it all before...tell me something I don't know...otherwise mind if I take a nap ?

Doofus: You such a fine looking babe...wanna ride it with a cowboy ?

Chick: Um...two words...*snore bore*...zzzzzz
by katica_kat November 30, 2007