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Getting snake oiled. To be sold something sold as being useful, but instead is a detriment. The product has more illusory value than true value. One get's Snoiled when: getting snake charmed out of money, losing time, losing their job, becoming depressed, then throwing a fit of rage regarding the product.
Step right up, step right up ladies and gentleman. Have I got an offer for you! If you show up before I start my presentation, you too can be snoiled! But snake oil can cure you! I'm trying to sell you useless things you don't need, but pretending they are worth something. If enough people show up, you'll get a valueless product for free.

Dude, I just got snoiled. He told me it would grow my hair back.

Did you know you could cure cancer with my positive thought product and random ingredient that is a placebo? Shirley thought so, as that salesman told her so. Her Tombstone simply reads: I Got Snoiled.

Hey Charles, do you see that soccer league getting Snoiled? They have to play in the Winter in a desert!
by Hissy The Snake May 31, 2015
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being spoiled but not really at the same time
C:"like OMG she called me spoiled!"
X:"yeah right....youre not though u worked hard all ur life"
C: "no shit I worked for everything I have and own!"
X: "forget what she said its snoiled words thats all"
by VitamenC February 14, 2008
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