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snizel, weather formation , snow , sleet and freezing rain at the same time.Snizel is common in the southern portions of the country , not cold enough to make real snow but cold enough to coat roads and power lines with copious amounts of ice. It is claimed by the drivers of these areas the snizel is more dangerous to drive on than snow , but the hazard is compounded by the fact that drivers in these areas are also know to be complete retards at driving. It is possible to predict snizel with out seeing the first weather forecast. If you go to the grocery store the shelves will be completely devoid of bread milk and eggs. People who live in snizel prone ares are also known to be highly excitable.Which may be the reason for the higher incidents of vehicle accidents during a snizel event.
The highway safety council has come up with new recommendations for highway safety for snizel events.
1. Remove the battery from your car, and give it to your neighbor.
2. Get out the booze and get knee walking commode hugging drunk.

3 when the hang over is done the roads will be clear of snizel.
The weather forecast is for wintry mix of snizel.
by wizardman42 February 05, 2010
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