Snitch Canadian does not have anything wit Canada to do. If you're a Snitch Canadian it means that you're a snitch that doesn't come from where you live at the moment. or in other words, it's a snitch that does not live where he was born.
So if am from America and i go to another country and snitch on people, I am a Snitch Canadian.
(A guy that comes from Australia but lives in the United States that's about to snitch)
An epic guy: Ey bro if you snitch right now you're a Snitch Canadian because you're from Australia but live in America.
by BirkiYeetRice October 16, 2019
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"Snitch Dick" refers to a penis that is very small and hard to find. This is a term that can be used by Lesbians to subvert sexual advances from those of the opposite sex, or generally insult those possessing penises.
Man: "hey gurl wassup lemme get on that"
Woman: "Pshh, snitch dick."
by kokoflow April 19, 2013
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A name you utter when you find out someone back-stabbed you.
Person 1: Mike told me everything. Why did you sleep with my wife?
Person 2: Snitch Sonofabitch.
by Homonopoly champ January 25, 2011
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When someone is snitching or u don’t want to say son of a bitch in front of a teacher say son of a snitch
Kane ur such a son of a snitch.”
by September 19, 2019
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When you tell your sibling to ask your parents for something you want and you hear them use your name.
"Tyler go ask mom for Mcdonalds"
*goes to mother*
"Mom, Ashley wants Mcdonald's"
*goes back to Ashley*
"Dude! you totally Sib-Snitched!
by Jazz J April 09, 2016
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The Year of the Snitch is a sex act in which one or more partners drill large holes in a table and climb under it and put their mouths to the holes. One person climbs on top of the table and puts their penis into the others’ mouths. It’s basically homemade gloryholes.
GF: Hey, I have this extra table I’m not using.

BF: Perfect, now we can do the Year of the Snitch!
by moringua raitaborua August 15, 2019
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Snitch Pawt - (snĭch pŏt)

- snitch pawt·ed, snitch pawt·ing, snitch pawt·er -

1. An informer.
2. A turncoat.
3. A tattletale.

Origin unknown (Some sources say it was a brave and wise man)

Synonyms for snitch:
1. betrayer
2. blabbermouth
3. canary
4. double-crosser
5. fink
6. informant
7. narc and/or nark
8. rat
9. snitcher
10. squealer
11. tattler

12. tattletales
13. tipster
14. turncoat
15. weasel
16. whistle-blower
You're a snitch pawt for telling on me!

Don't tell little Johnny, because he's a snitch pawt. He always tattletales on us.
My boss found out that I wasn't sick because of some snitch pawt at work.
If you are found to be a snitch pawt in prison, then you will get whacked.
by Oil Center December 28, 2016
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