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when you sneak up on someone, tap them on the shoulder, and get them to turn around directly into your erection!
i was playing a game and my friend totally sneaky pabloed me
by massive erection3 May 08, 2010
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A pablo referring to a short, thick penis, usually a characteristic of white males, the definition implies the "sneaky" insertion of the aforementioned term.

The man anally places himself in his partner without his or her knowledge, and someone in the background shouts accordingly that the offender is pulling a "sneaky pablo."

See rape.
Helga happened to be drinking her martini without pants when George tossed his blunt and forcefully entered her backside. Their was a hurrah, and someone shouted in the chaos, "Tom Cruise is such a faggot," but what they really meant was "sneaky pablo."
by sex hotline September 23, 2006
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Well, kids. A sneaky pablo is an act of sexual deviance. Don't do it unless you are a responsible adult. Basically, a sneaky pablo is where you have non consensual, spontaneous anal sex. Except you have to have a really short and really fat dingy.
I snuck a pablo on your boyfriend. It was a sneaky pablo.
by bunnieeeeeeeeeeeee October 18, 2006
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