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when a girl is giveing you a rim job you fart in her face and when she backs up from the fart you do a backflip over her and start doin her up the ass
i pulled a sneaky ninja the other night she had no idea what hit her
by john zack June 17, 2007
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Have a friend hide in your closet before you bring a girl back. Turn off the lights before you start having sex with her. Before you finish, have your friend quietly come out of the closet and replace you. Then turn on the lights and yell 'SNEAKY NINJA BITCH!'
'dude, last night I totally sneaky ninja'd that bitch.'

'no way! what'd she do?'

'strangely, she was into it... she's fuckin wild man.'
by couchVIP February 28, 2009
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A Sneaky Ninja is the act of defecating on an unaware preferably sleeping being. Anywhere on the abdomen, genitals, or face are perfect spots to secrete your waste on the unsuspecting victim. Sneaky Ninja’s are usually used as a form of revenge, although some find it rather arousing. It is best to perform a Sneaky Ninja after a hot Mexican meal, or a large dinner.

Thanksgiving can be the ideal day to perform a Sneaky Ninja; most people consume quite a large portion of food on this day, resulting in extra fecal production. Turkey also has an astounding effect to make people extra tired and fall into a deeper sleep. Both of these aspects together results in a rather satisfying Sneaky Ninja.

Some have been known to perform a Sneaky Ninja on homeless people when they can not find a public restroom fast enough. This is what we call a “Dire Sneaky Ninja” because the producer is in dire need for the relief of bowel movements. So much so that they needed to lay waste on the unsuspecting homeless.

All in all most find shittin’ on a bitch, whether for pleasure or pain, is truly a satisfying experience.
"Yeah I woke up with shit on my chest today. Turns out Jennifer Sneaky Ninjaed me for losing her CD!"

"After losing that card game and not paying up we Sneaky Ninja'd that bastard!"

"Damn! I gotta wash these sheets, that was potent Sneaky Ninja!"

"Shit! There are no bath rooms around! Oh thank god there is a hobo for me to Sneaky Ninja on."

"Yeah I was just sleepin' on the street and some little punk took a dump on my face! I heard it's called a Dire Sneaky Ninja"

"Hey isn't that Mike!? Let's Sneaky Ninja him for stealing Melissa from me!"
by Dr. Daniel O. and Dr. Steven F. February 21, 2006
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The Sneaky Ninja is a way of hiding your erection whilst in your jeans at a lap-dancing club, the art of tucking it away so they can't grind extra tips out of you.
So did she get you hard? Yeah but the ol sneaky ninja didn't give it away.
by Seanus010 September 27, 2015
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When a guy has another guy insert into his girl making her think that it is him, while he quietly slips out the door to wave at her thought the window outside
She was so confused after i pulled the sneaky ninja on her last night
by Joe Randall June 11, 2008
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While having sex doggystyle, right before a guy "goes" during sex he works up a big wad of spit then pretends to orgasm and spits on the girls back, then when she turns around u give her the money shot
the other day i was going at it with this girl but she was annoying so later that night i gave her the sneaky ninja
by mateo September 13, 2004
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while a having sex, a girl is licking the guys asshole and the guy farts then does a back flip and fucks the girl doggy style.
guy 1: Yo you know that Jenny chick.
guy 2: Oh yeah that hot blonde?
guy 1: Yeah last night she came over and i gave her a sneaky ninja.
by SNEAKY NINJA March 24, 2008
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